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Tribeca Dreams: Fest movies you need — and may be able — to see
By Steven Zeitchik

We’ll admit it. We were skeptical that, despite all the talk about a slimmed-down slate and a refined filtering process, this year’s Tribeca would overcome many of its previous struggles. We worried it would suffer from Passover Syndrome — why should this Tribeca be different from all other Tribecas?

But when all was said and done, and we had caught about fifteen of the festival’s movies, we came around. The quality level was in fact higher this year, with many of the films impressively surehanded, not to mention. commercial. Here are a few of the better ones we caught as the fest wound down (besides “The Eclipse,” which we’ve been raving about since the beginning, and the powerful “Vegas”) — pics that, if filmmakers play their cards right, will actually make a splash in theaters. Maybe this was a different Tribeca…