Richland Chronicle

Racing Dreams: If you want it, go for it!

By Charlie Vann

“Racing Dreams” follows the lives of three young racers who are on a quest to be the best. Annabeth 11, Josh 12, Brandon 13, all want to be the top go-kart racers out there and hope to one day race in NASCAR.

The documentary is directed by Marshall Curry, who was nominated for an Oscar back in 2006 for “Street Fight.” Curry shows the ins and outs of being a young racer. He even captures the emotion of one troubled, but talented driver Brandon.

“The Personal stories of their lives really become much more important than who wins or loses the go-kart races” said Curry. “Racing Dreams” shows the audience what it takes to get to the next level of racing, which is ultimately NASCAR. One of NASCAR’s biggest drivers, Jeff Gordon, even makes an appearance in the film. He gives Josh some advice about how to continue going forward with his racing career.

Every sport has a beginning stage. Go-kart racing is the starting block here, and we get to see three talented youngsters shooting for their dreams at greatness in their field.

Racing Dreams is a must see for all ages, with its key message of if you want it, go for it!