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Jake’s Take / Westwood One Radio

3-out-of-4-Star review.

The desire to compete in professional sports has beckoned just about all of us at one time in our lives. And perhaps the billion-dollar world of NASCAR, high-speedracing, is the most alluring of all to young people, especially in the American South. The sharp and revealing new documentary RACING DREAMS, examines three young teens who fight to win on the Go-Cart circuit on weekends chasing the dream of one day being a professional race car driver. The excellence in this straightforward odyssey stems from the detail of how these three youths deal with school, family issues and the pursuit of excellence as they quickly grow up during their last year of go-cart competition. There are no real revelations in RACING DREAMS, and the post-production voice-over of the actual races highlighting only our ambitious trio is wearying, but there is a true joy in watching what all sports aspirants must face at the crossroads of their young lives, and as such RACING DREAMS resonates with life, and the unfortunately reality of their lives that keeps getting in the way of their dreams.. There is a refreshing vibe to these young people and RACING DREAMS is one of the few docs out now that isn’t advocacy driven…just a crisply observed observation worth racing to.

*** of **** stars.