“DreamWorks is revving up a dramatic feature adaptation of Marshall Curry’s documentary Racing Dreams”

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Rotten Tomatoes

100% positive rating on Rotten Toamtoes.

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New York Times

“Absorbing… ‘Racing Dreams’ is one of the rare documentaries you leave wishing it was a little bit longer.”

- Stephen HoldenRead Article

New York Daily News

“Four Stars: Marshall Curry’s outstanding documentary won’t just entertain your family for a little while. It’ll also inspire everyone to find a new passion.”

- Elizabeth WeitzmanRead Article

New York Post

“Marshall Curry’s film is rich in humor and heartbreak, wryly observant (there is a Karting for Christ service at one race) yet free from snark. Make a pit stop to see it.”

- Kyle SmithRead Article

New York Magazine

Critics Pick. “Ridiculously engaging… The journey is thrilling.”

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“The terrific new documentary… is a straightforward and unsentimental survey of go-kart hotshoes and young love, of money and sweetness and bad fathers, of broken hearts and soured futures. Wherever you are, please find it.”

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“Don’t let the “NASCAR Little League” subject matter scare off the auto-sports-o-phobe in you. This is just great storytelling about three cool kids who drive really, really fast — period. It deserves to be seen.”

- S.T. VanAirsdaleRead Article


“Half lean, mean racing saga and half in-depth character study, “Racing Dreams” is a dynamite docu…”

- Ronnie SchiebRead Article

Time Out New York

“Marshall Curry’s sleek documentary captures the second-hand thrill of watching tweens hurtle at 70 mph around a blacktop, as it follows three potential superkarters over the course of a single season.”

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L.A. Times (The Envelope)

“The best film of the year so far… an instant classic.”

- Scott FeinbergRead Article

New York Magazine

“an exciting, poignant tale of growing up fast with adult ambitions.”

- Bilge EbiriRead Article

The Hollywood Reporter (Risky Biz Blog)

“Both crowd-pleasing and subtly insightful… Someone buy this movie and end the theatrical-doc cold streak.”

- Steven ZeitchikRead Article

The Washington Post

“Among those not to miss: “Racing Dreams,” Marshall Curry’ s absorbing portrait of young go-kart racers…”

- Ann HornadayRead Article

Bloomberg News

“…a spirited, candid documentary by Oscar nominee Marshall Curry (“Street Fight”).”

- Rick WarnerRead Article

“Compelling from start to finish… There is a rare feel of intimacy that reveals filmmaker Curry’s success in establishing trusting relationships with his subjects.”

- Jennifer Merin, About.comRead Article


“Contains the kind of uplifting moments that even the most craftily manufactured Hollywood story can’t pull off.

- Katey RichRead Article

“…a classic coming-of-age story…”

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Interview with Director Marshall Curry

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“…a spectacularly rich, fully realized portrait of youth on the point of adolescence, and ambition in the face of desperate odds.”

- Michelle OrangeRead Article

NY Daily News

“…a terrific doc…”

- Elizabeth WeitzmanRead Article

New York Times Wheels Blog

“Nascar Hopefuls Live Out Dreams on Film”

- Richard S. ChangRead Article


“…this uncertain and wondrous feeling where we are uninhibited to dream is what Racing Dreams captures so well and makes for compelling cinema at its best.”

- Tim McGonagleRead Article


Interview with Director Marshall Curry

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Filmmaker Magazine

“Curry finds remarkable kids to follow”

- Jason GuerrasioRead Article


“What makes it work is the personalities of the racers – two boys and a girl – as they navigate the sharp turns of racing and of growing up.”

- Neil BestRead Article

Stranger Than Fiction Docs

“I don’t think there is a subject I care less about than NASCAR racing, so I approached this film with a dose of skepticism. Yet from the moment the film started, the next 95 minutes raced by as I became swept up in the film’s characters.”

- Raphaela NeihausenRead Article

Slant Magazine

“…Curry has expertly stitched together a…triumph in crowd-pleasing, wholesome entertainment…”

- Adam KelemanRead Article

Hammer to Nail

“Whoever buys this movie has a hit on their hands”

- Michael TullyRead Article

Commercial Appeal

“Reveals a fascinating subculture that is unknown to most moviegoers…”

- John BeifussRead Article


“Curry’s just an amazing filmmaker who knows exactly how to pace the movie…one of the most riveting and insightful docs you’re likely to see this year.”

- Edward DouglasRead Article

The Daily Loaf: Tampa

“The film has more depth and excitement than any of the faux summer ‘blockbusters’ currently larding up the multiplex, and it’s one of the best films I’ve seen this year.”

- Joe BardiRead Article

“…one of the greatest coming of age stories you’re likely to see, and another fantastic piece of work by Curry.”

- Alex RivielloRead Article

All Movie Blog

“Like many of the best sports documentaries, Racing Dreams conveys the appeal of the sport, while demonstrating that the most engaging stories aren’t necessarily about who wins and who loses.”

- Josh RalskeRead Article

“In the end, I was left showering the film with praise, feeling like it’s a must see event for anyone who’s interested in the sport.”

- Mike NeffRead Article

The Fast and the

“So this is the easiest movie review I’ve ever had to write. Why? Because the documentary film Racing Dreams is so wonderful. I absolutely loved it.”

- ValliRead Article


“A masterfully crafted cinematic journey.”

- Noah JosephRead Article

The Sunday Paper

“‘Racing Dreams’ couldn’t have been a better drama if it had been scripted.”

- Steve WarrenRead Article

Dallas Film Now

“’Racing Dreams’ is an amazingly good film that feels honest and soul-searching, even as it proves to be altogether entertaining.”

- Peter A. MartinRead Article

Orlando Sentinel

“For casual race fans, Racing Dreams is a real eye-opener. And it’s a darned entertaining way to get a handle on a sport that can seem like a bunch of cars doing circles…”

- Roger MooreRead Article

Richland Chronicle

“Racing Dreams is a must see for all ages, with its key message of if you want it, go for it!”

- Charlie VannRead Article

A.V. (Milwaukee)

“Racing Dreams, like all first-rate sports movies, is less about who wins and loses than it is about people striving to be the best at what they do in order to transcend the limitations of their lives.”

- Steven HydenRead Article


“Curry finds remarkable kids to follow, all with interesting backstories and personal issues that they can escape from when they get on that track.”

- Jason GuerrasioRead Article

“Astute and engaging, Marshall Curry’s film shapes these experiences into an increasingly complicated story—about how kids grow up and how adults affect them.”

- Cynthia FuchsRead Article

Denton Record-Chronicle

“Director Marshall Curry assembles a compelling film that offers fresh insight into contemporary kids trying to follow their dreams.”

- Todd JorgensonRead Article

Gordon and the

“From its poetic and picturesque cinematography – largely from Curry himself – to its original score from Joel Goodman, and its emotionally gripping and heartfelt story, Racing Dreams is a documentary that crosses the finish line in first place.”

- James WallaceRead Article

College Movie

“…the fluid presentation style [of the film] helps keep your attention as you embark on a journey that is filled with raw innocence and high-speed adrenaline races.”

- Stephen DavisRead Article

“Racing Dreams is an endearing, sometimes sad tale of three adolescents finding their way in the pre-professional racing world.”

- Jake LingemanRead Article

Christianity Today

“There are not many films that treat childhood with as much balance as ‘Racing Dreams’ does. It is lighthearted and earnest, playful and respectful, exhilarating and heartbreaking.”

- Tim AveryRead Article

Creative Loafing: Charlotte

“Racing Dreams ends up speeding past its niche market and working its magic on anyone with a rooting interest in the dreams and ambitions of this country’s youth.”

- Matt BrunsonRead Article

Nuvo Newsweekly

“‘Racing Dreams’ is an engaging film. No wonder it was one of NUVO’s “Must-See” picks during last year’s Indianapolis International Film Festival.”

- Sam WatermeierRead Article

The Providence

“Curry’s film will make you appreciate the sacrifices and the push of young people. You can exchange go-karting for gymnastics, figure skating, baseball or even sailing in reaching their goals, not all of which turn out as these young dreamers had first planned.”

- Michael JanusonisRead Article

Jake’s Take/Westwood One Radio

“’RACING DREAMS’ is one of the few docs out now that isn’t advocacy driven…just a crisply observed observation worth racing to.”

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“Curry manages to keep this film inspiring, moving, and mesmerizing, all the while never taking things to any sort of over-dramatic level.”

- Mark WaltersRead Article

L.A. Times

Curry’s impressionable, charismatic young subjects are impossible not to care about.

- Robert AbeleRead Article